Hair Care Tips & Techniques : How to Defrizz Curly Hair

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To defrizz curly hair, use a product that is made with silicone to fill the open pores of the hair follicle. Defrizz curly hair with tips from a professional…


1218nana1218 says:

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Rosette Sietz says:

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savannah lautner says:

can u just shutup and watch the video?

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elohveeyx says:

I use John-Frieda-Frizz-Ease-Thermal-Protection-Hair-Serum. This stuff is amazing, but you have to use it on wet hair, you can use it on dry aswell but its DEFINATLY most affective when its wet :) . yoou can buy it from boots ( it think only britain has this store). its £5.79. :)

maybe1princess says:

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